JTomato is a proof of concept for a DOM-based Java web framework (source).

SourceForge home page is here.

Java and JSP code use the factor 1.0, configuration files (*.properties/*.xml) use 0.5 as the factor.

Web Frameworks for comparison

Tests description


sizes are always in KB and should be read as Java code/Config files/JSP/Total weighted/Percents.
CSS files, localization bundles and MANIFEST.MF are not taken into account.

JTomato trunk Struts 1.2.7 JSF
empty 0.17 KB/0.54 KB/0.0 KB/0.44 KB 0.0 KB/1.5 KB/0.19 KB/0.94 KB 6.29 KB/4.39 KB/0.86 KB/9.35 KB
helloWorld 0.25 KB/0.55 KB/0.0 KB/0.53 KB 0.0 KB/1.5 KB/0.27 KB/1.0 KB 6.69 KB/4.41 KB/1.05 KB/9.95 KB
helloUser 0.79 KB/0.55 KB/0.0 KB/1.07 KB 0.36 KB/1.5 KB/0.63/1.7 KB 10.8 KB/4.92 KB/2.42 KB/15.68 KB
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